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07.19.15 -- Thanks for stopping by. This site is out of date -- I promise to catch up soon! Until then, email me if you find something that strikes your fancy.

01.01.10 - Check out my review of my favorite books of 2009 (pdf). Also, here is a compilation of my annual book reviews from 2000-2009.

11.01.09 - "You Are Not So Lucky" was accepted for publication in the Fall 2010 issue of Third Coast Literary Review.

03.01.08 - "Splinter" was published in Storyglossia, Issue 27.

10.19.07 - Visit my new blog, the Accidental Akronite. I'll add a link to the menu at the top soon.

01.08.07 - Here is my review of my favorite books of 2006 (pdf). Enjoy!

03.13.06 - "In The Jelly Ground" was selected by Silas House as the winner of the Janice Holt Giles Fiction Contest in Arts Across Kentucky magazine. You can find the story here (pdf). Here's what Silas had to say about it:

"After reading IN THE JELLY GROUND, I felt as if I had just read the work of a great undiscovered talent. This is a beautiful story, made up of wonderful layers that the reader keeps peeling back to reveal a beating heart of character and plot. The sense of place is palpable and well-used, the dialogue is always sharp and full of tension, and the characters seem like real, living people to me. I expect big things from this author because this is a great story. When I read the last line of this story, I said 'Wow' aloud. It's that good."

01.12.06 - Check out the 2005 edition of my Top 10 Books of the Year (pdf).

05.30.05 - "Open Wide" took second place in the Annual Mercantile Library Short Story Contest.

2004 - Lots o' stuff happened. Took a trip in a 28-foot motorhome through Kentucky to decide on a setting for a novel; worked on the novel; collected some good rejections -- if there is such a thing; signed with an agent.

06.27.03 - I just returned from a week in Bloomington at the Indiana University Writer's Conference, where I got to meet and study with writers such as Aimee Bender and Clint McCown.

03.06.03 - I was one of 14 artists to be awarded an Al Smith Fellowship by the Kentucky Arts Council.




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